Conference program


The SIGITE 2016 and RIIT 2016 Proceedings are available in the ACM Digital Library.



Wednesday, September 28, 2016
1:30 – 4:30 pm
SIGITE Executive Committee Meeting Room: Washington
5:00 – 7:00 pm
Boston Excursion: Boston Duck Tours  (by registration only) Location: Hilton Front Entrance
Thursday, September 29, 2016
8:00 – 11:00 am
IT Chairs’ Meeting (by registration only) Room: Adams
9:30 – 11:00 am
Oracle Workshop (by registration only)

Solve a crime using SQL! In this session from Oracle Academy you will learn the basic of SQL to solve a series of crimes. Using an easy online database development environment to learn and test SQL commands you will solve a series of crimes from various clues. This workshop requires attendees to bring their own laptop. All of the materials used in this workshop will be made available for you to take into your classroom.

Room: Maverick
9:30 – 11:00 am
Security Workshop (by registration only)

In this workshop, participants will explore the various elements necessary in building an Information Security program that truly warrants the moniker, Center of Excellence. The discussion will focus on the characteristics of such programs, frameworks/standards that can inform the work, interdisciplinary opportunities and competency based assessment.  In addition, participants will learn how to leverage the incredible work that is already being done.

Room: Fenway
11:00 am – 12:15 pm
Lunch on your own A flyer with suggested restaurants will be available
12:15 – 1:45 pm
Opening session

  • Welcome remarks: Deborah Boisvert, Conference Chair
  • Best paper awards: Steve Zilora, Program Chair
  • Supporter introductions: Tom Ayers, Sponsorship Chair
  • Keynote: Using Technology to Build Compassion, Nigel Jacob
Belvidere Ballroom



2:00 – 5:00 pm
Exhibitor Showcase and Networking Belvidere Ballroom
Session A B C
1:45 – 3:15 pm Conference: SIGITE
Chair: Laurie Patterson

Room: Adams
Conference: SIGITE
Chair: Sam Chung
Room: Maverick
Conference: RIIT
Chair: Bruce Tis
Room: Fenway
Session 1
Paper: Career Trajectory Analysis of Information Technology Alumni: A LinkedIn Perspective Lei Li(Kennesaw State University), Svetlana Peltsverger(Kennesaw State University),  Guangzhi Zheng(Kennesaw State University), Chi Zhang(Kennesaw State University)
Paper: Transforming IT Education with No-Cost Learning Materials Rebecca Rutherford(Kennesaw State University), Svetlana Peltsverger(Kennesaw State University), Lei Li(Kennesaw State University), Jack Zheng(Kennesaw State University)
Lightening Talk:  IT Education in Oman and the Initiatives for Smooth Academia-Workplace Transition Upon Graduation Joseph Mani(Modern College of Business and Science)
Lightening Talk: A Comparison between the ACM/IEEE Computer Science Curriculum Guidelines and the Information Technology Curriculum Guidelines Russell McMahon(University of Cincinnati)
Paper: Teaching Security Management for Mobile Devices Wu He (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga), Xiaohong Yuan(North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University), Lindsay Simpkins(Premier, Inc.), Yanan Lin(University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
Paper: A Virtual Platform for Team-oriented CyberSecurity Training and Exercises Mengjun Xie(University of Arkansas at Little Rock), Yanyan Li(University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
Paper: The Untrustables: How Underclassmen Evolved Our Approach to Student Red-Teaming Dale Rowe(Brigham Young University), Sarah Cunha (Brigham Young University), Whitney Winders(Brigham Young University)
Paper: MP4 Steganography: Analyzing and Detecting TCSteg Anthony Ramirez(Illinois Institute of Technology), Alfredo Fernandez(Illinois Institute of Technology)
Paper: Analysis of Parallel Architectures for Network Intrusion Detection Ricardo Calix(Purdue University Calumet), Mohammed Irshad (College of IT, UAE University)
Paper: Architecture-Driven Penetration Testing Against an Identity Access Management (IAM) System Sam Chung(Southern Illinois University), Sky Moon(Expedia), Barbara Endicott-Popovsky (University of Washington)
3:15 – 3:30 pm
3:30 – 5:00 pm Conference: SIGITE
Chair: Holly Davis
Room: Adams
Conference: SIGITE
Room: Maverick
Conference: SIGITE
Chair: Janet Renwick
Room: Fenway
Session 2
Paper: Open Source Technologies to Build Stable and Resilient Infrastructures in Information Technology Education Rob Turner(Ball State University), Robert Barron(Google), Aaron McCrocklin(Eskenazi Health)
Paper: Improving Retention and Reducing Isolation via a Linked-Courses Learning Community Amber Settle(DePaul University), Theresa Steinbach(DePaul University)
Paper: Design and Launch of an Intensive Cybersecurity Program for Military Veterans William Armitage(University of South Florida), William Guavin(University of South Florida), Adam Sheffield(University of South Florida)
Panel: What is Information Technology’s Role in Cybersecurity? Edward Sobieski(United States Military Academy),  Jean Blair (United States Military Academy),
J.  Ekstrom(Brigham Young University),
Allen Parrish(United States Naval Academy)
Paper: Measuring Stylus and Tablet Performance for Usability in Sketching Richard Helps(Brigham Young University), Clarissa Helps(n/a)
Paper: Effects of using iPads on First Grade Students’ Achievements in Arabic Language Classes in Saudi Arabia Deborah LaBelle
Institute of
Institute of
Jim Leone
Institute of
Paper: The Paradox of Social Media Security: Users’ Perceptions Versus Behaviors Lei Li
Zahra Alqubaiti
Selena He
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Conference Dinner Reception: Brownstone’s 111 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA 02116
Friday, SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
7:00 – 8:00 am
Breakfast Room: Belvidere Ballroom
Session A B C
8:15 – 9:45 am Conference: SIGITE
Chair: Barry Lunt
Room: Adams
Conference: SIGITE
Room: Maverick
Conference: RIIT
Chair: Ratan Guha
Room: Fenway
Session 3
A Smartphone App for Enhancing Students Hands-on Learning on Network and DoS Attacks Traffic Generation Zouheir Trabelsi(College of IT, UAE University)
Android Malware Detection Using Category-Based Machine Learning Classifiers Huda Alatri(Rochester Institute of Technology),  Tae Oh (Rochester Institute of Technology),
Bill Stockpile (Rochester Institute of Technology), Ernest Fokoue (Rochester Institute of Technology)
The Art of War: Developing Role-Based Hands-On Labware for Emerging Database Security Lei Li (Kennesaw State University),
Kai Qian (Kennesaw State University), Qian Chen(Savannah State University), Ragib Hasan (University of Alabama at Birmingham),
Li Yang (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)
Panel:Teaching Ethics in the Information Technology Curriculum Janet Renwick(University of Arkansas – Fort Smith),  Bryan Goda (University of Washington Tacoma), Cynthia Riemenschneider(Baylor University)
Workshop: Capture the Flags as a Reachout Event Dale Rowe (Brigham Young University), Sarah Cunha (Brigham Young University), Cara Cornel (Brigham Young University)
9:45 – 10:10 am
Break Room: Belvidere Pre-Assembly
10:10 – 10:30 am
Sponsor Spotlight: Oracle Room: Belvidere Ballroom
10:30 am – 12:00 pm Conference: SIGITE
Chair: Rebecca Rutherford
Room: Adams
Conference: SIGITE
Room: Maverick
Conference: RIIT
Chair: Rick Homkes
Room: Fenway
Session 4
SecLab: An Innovative Approach to Learn and Understand Current Security and Privacy Issues Marco Ghiglieri(Technische Universität Darmstadt), Martin Stopczynski(Technische Universität Darmstadt)
Security Assessment of Industrial Control Supervisory and Process Control Zones Marcia Combs(Murray State University)
Security Requirements Embedded in MS Programs in Information Sciences and Technologies Jai Kang (Rochester Institute of Technology), Qi Yu (Rochester Institute of Technology), Edward Holden
(Rochester Institute of Technology), Tae Oh  (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Panel: Advancing Diversity and Inclusivity in STEM Education Sharon Mason(Rochester Institute of Technology), Margaret Bailey(Rochester Institute of Technology)
Paper: Curiosity Killed the Organizer: A Psychological Comparison between Malicious and Non-Malicious Insiders and the Insider Threat Marc Dupuis(University of Washington), Samreen Khadeer(University of Washington)
Paper: In Search of Effective Honeypot and Honeynet Systems for Real-Time Intrusion Detection and Prevention Amos Olagunju (St Cloud State University), Farouk Samu
(St Cloud State University),
Paper: Investigating the Security of Nexus 1000V Virtual Switches in VMware ESXI Hypervisors Raymond Hansen (Purdue University), Timothy Becker
(Purdue University), Benjamin Peterson (Purdue University)
12:00 – 1:30 pm
Lunch Room: Belvidere Ballroom
1:30 – 2:15 pm
Poster Session Room: Belvidere Pre-Function Area
Active Snort Rules and the Needs for Computing Resources Xinli Wang (Michigan Technological University), Chad Arney (Michigan Technological University)
A Re-Examination of Information Technology Related Meetups and Professional Organizations in the Greater Cincinnati Area Russell McMahon(University of Cincinnati)
A Concept for an Introduction to Parallelization in JAVA: Multithreading with Programmable Robots in Minecraft Klaus-Tyco Foerster (ETH Zurich), Michael Koenig (ETH Zurich), Roger Wattenhofer(ETH Zurich)
AccessMusic: Communication Channel for Musical Training Olga Liliana Campo Cadena (Universidad El Bosque), Daniel Felipe (Universidad El Bosque), Andres David Torres Acevedo (Universidad El Bosque), Nestor Albeiro (Universidad El Bosque), Moreno Vargas(Universidad El Bosque)
A Profile of SIGITE/RIIT Authors Barry Lunt (Brigham Young University), Kaylee Richmond (Brigham Young University), Dale Rowe(Brigham Young University)
Wait, Do I Know You?: A Look at Personality and Preventing One’s Personal Information From Being Compromised Marc Dupuis
Pathways to Student Learning within HFOSS Heidi Ellis (Western New England University),  Gregory Hislop (Drexel University)
A Comparison Amongt Face-to-Face Hybrid and Partially Online Classes Russell McMahon
ConnectUP: An Academic Social Networking Application Development Ricardo Pablo de Leon(University of the Philippines Diliman),  Michelle Nazario(University of the Philippines Diliman), Rommel Feria(University of the Philippines Diliman), Rowena Solamo(University of the Philippines Diliman)
GALILEO: Emergency Rooms and Crowd Computing Pedro Guillermo Feijoo Garcia(Universidad El Bosque), Sebastian Ospina Gomez(Universidad El Bosque),  Andres Felipe Cruz Rodriguez(Universidad El Bosque), Danial Ricardo Suarez Venegas(Pontificia Universidad Javeriana)
2:15 – 2:45 pm
Break Room: Belvidere Pre-Assembly
2:45 – 3:05 pm
Sponsor Spotlight: BATEC Room: TBD
3:15 – 4:45 pm Conference: SIGITE
Chair: Marcia Combs
Room: Adams
Conference: SIGITE
Room: Maverick
Conference: SIGITE
Chair: Bill Paterson
Room: Fenway
Session 5
Paper: Teaching Elementary Students Programming in a Physical Computing Classroom Karen Jin (University of New Hampshire), Kathleen Haynie
(Haynie Research and Evaluation), Gavin Kearns (Paul Elementary School)
Paper: Integrating Programming into the Mathematics Curriculum: Combining Scratch and Geometry in Grades 6 and 7 Klaus-Tyco Foerster(ETH Zurich)
Paper: Teaching Software Design Engineering Across the K-12 Curriculum Using Visual Thinking and Computational Thinking Ilenia Fronza (Free University of Bolzano), Nabil El Ioini (Free University of Bolzano), Luis Corral (Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro)
Panel: ACM/IEEE-CS Information Technology Curriculum 2007: A Status Update Barry Lunt(Brigham Young University), Mihaela Sabin(University of New Hampshire),  Svetlana Peltsverger(Kennesaw State University), Cara Tang (Portland Community College)
Lightening Talk: Why All this Security? Teaching about Privacy in a Database Systems Course Diane Shichtman(SUNY Empire State College)
Lightening Talk: Towards a 3-D Approach to Cybersecurity Awareness for College Students Jackson Muhirwee(Central Washington University)
Lightening Talk: The Impacts of Digital Transformation, Agile and DevOps on Future IT Curriculum Amos Olagunju(St Cloud State University), Charles Betz(University of St Thomas), Patrick Paulson (Winona State University),
Lightening Talk: Securing the Professional Future of IT Students with LinkedIn Diana Wang(George Mason University)
Lightening Talk: An Open and Portable Architecture for Learning Data Security in Mobile Cloud Computing Lei Li (Kennesaw State University),
Kai Qian(Kennesaw State University),
Li Yang (The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga),
Ragid Hasan(University of Alabama at Birmingham)
Lightening Talk: University of Cincinnati and Saint Ursula Academy Partnership: Introducing Female High School Students to the Field of Information Technology, Year 2 Jen Fritz(University of Cincinnati), Tom Wulf (University of Cincinnati), Margie Matthews (St. Ursula Academy), Jim Scott (University of Cincinnati), Jamie Fritz(University of Cincinnati)
Lightening Talk: Challenges of Interdisciplinary IoT Curriculum Amos Olagunju(St Cloud State University),  Firasat Khan(Metropolitan State University)
Lightening Talk: The Impact of the Physical Web and BLE Beacons Debasis Bhattacharya(University of Hawaii Maui College), Mario Canul(University of Hawaii Maui College), Saxon Knight(University of Hawaii Maui College)
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Community College Reception Room: TBD
saturday, October 1, 2016
7:30 – 8:30am
Continental Breakfast Room: Belvidere Ballroom
Session A B C
8:30 – 10:00 am Conference: SIGITE
Chair: Ed Holden

Room: Adams
Conference: SIGITE
Room: Maverick
Conference: SIGITE
Chair: Bob Carlson
Room: Fenway
Session 6
Paper: Evaluating Student Learning in an IT Curriculum Using Bloom’s – Webb’s Curriculum Taxonomy Karen Patten(University of South Carolina), Mark Harris(Augusta University)
Paper: Red Fish Blue Fish: Re-Examining Student Understanding of the Computing Disciplines Randy Connolly(Mount Royal University), Janet Miller(Mount Royal University), Faith-Michael Uzoka (Mount Royal University),  Barry Lunt(Brigham Young University),  Marc Schroeder(Mount Royal University),  Craig S. Miller(DePaul University), Annabella Habinka(Mbarara University of Science and Technology)
Paper: Ten-Year Synthesis Review: A Baccalaureate Program in Computer Forensics Jigang Liu(Metropolitan State University)
Panel: Creating Courses with No Textbook Rebecca Rutherford(Kennesaw State University), Svetlana Peltsverger(Kennesaw State University),  Lei Li(Kennesaw State University), Jack Zhang (Kennesaw State University), James Rutherfoord(Kennesaw State University)
Workshop: MEAN Web Development: A Tutorial for Educators Adrian German(Indiana University), WonYong Ha (Indiana University), Santiago Salmon (Indiana University)
10:15 – 11:45 am Conference: SIGITE
Chair: Bill Dafnis

Room: Adams
Conference: SIGITE
Chair: Michael Stinson
Room: Maverick
Session 7
Paper: A Tale of Two Capstones Hollis Greenberg Davis (Wenworth Institute of Technology), Stephen Zilora(Rochester Institute of Technology)
Paper: An Industrial Partnership Game Development Capstone Course Ben Stephenson(University of Calgary), Mark James(Electronic Arts Canada), Nigel Brooke(Steamclock Software), John Aycock(University of Calgary)
Paper: A Capstone Design Project for Teaching Cybersecurity to Non-Technical Users Ed Sobiesk(United States Military Academy), Anya Estes (United States Military Academy), James Finocchiaro(United States Military Academy), Jean Blair (United States Military Academy), Justin Dalme(United States Military Academy), Michael Emana(United States Military Academy), Luke Jenkins (United States Military Academy), Jonathan Robison (United States Military Academy)
Paper: Learning By Taking Apart: Deconstructing Code by Reading, Tracing and Debugging Jean Griffin(Temple University)
Paper: A Computer Organization Team Project: Introducing Performance Benchmarking to Students Using a Real World Case Study Joseph Elarde(Austin Peay State University), Barry Bruster(Austin Peay State University)
Paper: Program Slicing Technique: A Novel Approach to Improve Programming Skills in Novice Learners Kiran Eranki(Indian Institute of Technology Bombay), Kannan M. Moudgalya(Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
IT 2017 Working Meeting (by invitation only) Room: Jefferson
11:45 am – 12:00 pm
Closing session Room: Fenway
12:00 – 2:00 pm
Conference post-mortem/planning for Executive and Conference Committees Room: Washington